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This page contains several tools and addons which can be used with or in webcamXP.

DirectShow filters

Screen Capture filter by Hmelyoff Labs
Optional, better performances than previous screen capture feature in webcamXP. Allows capturing a single window and possible to use multiple instances of the filter.

webcamDV by OrangeMicro
Use your DV camcorder in webcamXP.

Video compressors / decompressors

Free library of filters allowing to optimally encode movies and to decode all formats. this is required for some MPEG4 IP cameras.


Useful tool to create and test directshow graphs, suggested for doing tests using the ip camera filters and mpeg decompression.

windows media encoder 9 series sdk
This package contains the utility Windows Media Profile Editor, using this tool you can create and modify .prx profiles that are supported by webcamXP.

Pad File

webcamXP PRO PAD File
PAD file for shareware sites.