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webcamXP Free

The free version of webcamXP allows you to use most features of the software on 2 video sources.

It lets you to stream via HTTP, Windows Media or to upload via FTP/FTPS or HTTP/HTTPS Post and capturing or recording at fixed interval.

Security features like the Motion / Audio detection are now also available in webcamXP Free apart from continuous recording (DVR) which is only in webcamXP PRO.

The free version doesn't allow to change / disable the watermark with webcamXP logo or to password protect the internal server however it's a complete solution if you plan to put in place a free security system at home.

Price : Free

webcamXP Private

The private version allows using up to 4 video sources.

On top of the free version features, It offers the possibility to secure access to the video streams by username and password or by IP filtering.

It also allows to remove or change the webcamXP watermark appearing on the streams and videos and gives you access to all the other features available in webcamXP Free.

The only feature which is not available in webcamXP Private and which requires a webcamXP PRO license is the continuous recording (DVR).

Price (Europe) : 45 EUR
Price (World) : 49 USD

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webcamXP PRO / webcam 7 PRO

webcamXP / webcam 7 PRO is the full featured version, it offers all the functionalities and allows connecting unlimited number of sources (as many as your computer supports).

On top of all the features available in webcamXP Free and webcamXP Private, it allows the use of the continuous recording (DVR) feature and will log all the web activity.

Price (Europe) : 89 EUR
Price (World) : 99 USD

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Moonware Universal Source Filter

Our new Directshow Source filter based on Netcam Studio's decoding engine which provides best-in-class decoding for:
  • JPEG
  • MPEG-4 Streams
  • Local Media Files
  • RTSP (TCP/UDP) Network Cameras

Use your network cameras in Skype, Webex and all applications which do not natively support these cameras.

It's also possible to use this filter in webcamXP or webcam 7 to connect the cameras for which no templates are available.

This filter does not require to have webcamXP or Netcam Studio running, it's a standalone product compatible with our other softwares.

The free version will display a small Moonware Studios watermark*. It's possible to purchase a license to remove this watermark.

* Excepted in webcamXP or webcam 7

Price (Europe) : 45 EUR
Price (World) : 49 USD

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webcamXP / webcam 7 Editions



2 sources
4 sources
Recording Format
Supports all USB / PCI devices
Network Cameras (JPEG / MJPEG)
Network Cameras (RTSP)
Local and remote pan, tilt and zoom control for compatible devices (USB / IP Cameras)
Advanced overlay editor supporting text / images and alpha-blending effects
Multiple client viewing options
(java / javascript / flash client)
HTTP broadcasting
Windows Media streaming and WM9 profiles handling (including for IP Cameras)
FTP/FTPS uploading
HTTP/HTTPS Post uploading
Capturing and recording features (including IP Cameras / ASF streams)
Integrated scheduler for daily or fixed interval tasks
Displays country of the connected users
Motion detector + alerts
Audio detector
Run as service  
Password protection / users accounts management  
Logo change / disable  
Change webpage title  
DVR (continuous recording)
Activity log files